Alien Xenomorph (Alien Movie Franchise) Drawing Tutorial

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With ALIEN: COVENANT coming out this weekend I thought it would be fitting to show you how to draw one of the scariest movie monsters that freaked me out as a kid — the XENOMORPH!

Starting this coming week I will only be uploading two drawing tutorials per week on average. Maybe three tutorials, if time and resources permit.

Please be patient as I’m rolling out some changes to the channel. This includes the format of my videos, the banners, title screens, end cards, website design, all that stuff. It’s a lot of work, so please bear with me!

I had hoped to have a lot done with the channel in the past couple of days that I had off YouTube. I was definitely busy, but my focus wasn’t on the channel during these days. I had a few other business opportunities come my way that I decided to focus my time and energy on.

Rest assured I’m working hard to ensure this channel stays on YouTube, free for everyone!

Happy drawing,


The Xenomorph (which literally translates to “alien form”) or the Alien, are an extraterrestrial, endoparasitoid species with multiple life cycles, possibly originating from the planet Proteus (also known as Xenomorph Prime). One of the deadliest of all known alien species, these creatures need a host organism in order to reproduce. The appearance of the Xenomorph varies depending on its host. The human phenotype is generally around 7–8 feet, and roughly 136.0 to 181.4 kilograms in weight, with a long, muscular tail and large, curved, oblong head. The Queen of this species is generally twice as large (they can grow even larger, some even up to 100 feet tall, and stronger if given time) and possesses superior speed, strength and intelligence. The term Xenomorph is derived from the Greek words xeno (“stranger”, “alien”, and “foreigner”) and morphe (“form”, “shape”). Another fact about Xenomorphs, is that as they peel back their outer lips to reveal the inner jaw, a terrible stench like rotting meat ensues, possibly due to their diet, or maybe just part of their natural make up.



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