Groot (Guardians of the Galaxy) Tutorial

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We have a month till GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, VOL. 2! We did Star-Lord, Rocket, and Baby Groot (from the first movie) already, so let’s do adult GROOT this time around!

And if this Groot tutorial gets enough likes and views, we will definitely do Baby Groot from the upcoming GOTG movie. So be sure to like and share these videos!

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P.S. Special thanks to Noah (The Comic Book Kid) for the outtro! Check out his channel here.


Groot is a sentient, tree-like individual and frequent accomplice of intergalactic criminal Rocket Raccoon. Together, the pair travelled the galaxy picking up bounties until they met Star-Lord who then convinced them to assist him to sell the Orb for a massive project. However as it was discovered that the Orb was containing one of the Infinity Stones which was being sought out by Ronan the Accuser, Groot convinced his friends to risk everything to stop Ronan’s plans to destroy Xandar and enslave the world. During the battle, Groot sacrificed his own life to save his new friends. However part of his destroyed body was planted by Rocket who regrew a new Groot, now called Baby Groot, as they joined the Guardians of the Galaxy.



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