The Punisher (Netflix Daredevil Season 2) Tutorial

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Jon Bernthal stole the spotlight in Daredevil season 2. Here’s hoping we get to see the PUNISHER in the upcoming Defenders series!

There have been four actors to play the role of Frank Castle, a.k.a. THE PUNISHER live on screen. First was Dolph Lundgren in a movie fitting for the late ’80s/early ’90s, back when comic book films weren’t taken all that seriously yet. Despite the poor reviews, Dolph did put out a pretty dark and brooding performance, worthy of the character.

Next was the portrayal by Thomas Jane at the dawn of the comic book movie phenomenon. It wasn’t the best film, but I did enjoy the simple revenge story. John Travolta did ham it up pretty horribly, but Thomas Jane was a damn good Punisher, despite perhaps being a little too male model handsome. Another hiccup from the movie? The origin of the Punisher skull logo. A voodoo t-shirt? Blah.

Then came the R-rated Punisher: War Journal with Ray Stevenson. While not the best dramatic actor, Ray was a ruthless Punisher. Loved the movie except for Jigsaw. I really disliked his portrayal as a Joker wannabe.

All of these Punisher portrayals were good, but not great. Then came Jon Bernthal, who added a much greater depth to the character of Frank Castle. Seeing him in season 1 of The Walking Dead, you knew this guy had the acting chops to play a complex character with gray-area morals. And he knocked it out of the park, stealing the spotlight from Daredevil himself in the TV series with his name on it. Not to mention he looked just like the Punisher as drawn by John Romita, Jr.

Then the brilliance of the origin of the Punisher skull logo — a representation of the head injury he acquired in combat, and the comic accurate costume (a mix of tactical and stylish) — all these combine to make the best Punisher ever. Worthy of his own TV series!

Anyway, I have done a speed drawing of Jon Bernthal as Punihser already. Check that out here:

And I have also done a tutorial on the Punisher’s skull logo. If you want to learn how to draw it, click here:

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Frank Castle Sr. is a vigilante who, after the brutal murder of his entire family, assumed the moniker of the Punisher, aiming to clean up New York City of crime by any means necessary. While searching for those responsible for his family’s deaths, Castle went into conflict with Daredevil, who felt Castle’s methods were too extreme. Castle was soon arrested for his crimes and, despite the efforts of Nelson and Murdock, was sentenced to life in prison. However, Castle was freed with the help of Wilson Fisk, and soon discovered that the Blacksmith was the one responsible for his family’s murder. Once he had his revenge, Castle helped Daredevil defeat the Hand, and then proceeded to move on from his past, now dedicating his life to permanently punishing criminals wherever he found them, aiming to make the city a better place.



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