Prometheus (Arrow)

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ARROW is back for the second half of the fifth season this week, so let’s dive in to the drama and heroics with the tutorial for the big bad himself, PROMETHEUS!

Let me know in the comments — are you looking forward to Arrow returning? What do you hope to see before the season ends?

Anyway, enjoy!

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Prometheus is the main antagonist of the fifth season of the TV series Arrow. He is driven by revenge, having harbored a deep hate for the Green Arrow. Although the reasons for this are yet unknown, it is implied that Oliver Queen’s actions in the past are responsible for Prometheus’ creation. Thus far, Prometheus made it clear on multiple occasions that he will kill everyone who tries to kill the Green Arrow – claiming that honor for himself.



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    Could you do a how to draw on Felicity Smoak? Also, I know that you did an easy how to draw Oliver Queen/Green Arrow but I can’t seem to find it on this webpage. Is there any way you could give me a link to it if it has been posted on this website? Thank you so much!!! I love your tutorials!!!

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