Saitama — the “Normal” Version

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It’s Anime Thursday! Today we have two versions of SAITAMA, also known as the One-Punch Man!

Anime artists draw Saitama two different ways for comical effect. This version is a simpler style, depicting Saitama as kind of derpy, awkward and unassuming. From the looks of him you would never guess that he’s the most powerful man in the universe.

What I love about Saitama’s design is the fact that it’s very simple. His costume goes back to the days when characters weren’t overly and excessively complicated. Characters like Astro Boy or Speed Racer, even Mega Man or the Super Sentai (Power Rangers) had very simple, elegant costumes that are now considered classic designs.

I hope you enjoy this tutorial. Be sure to watch the second tutorial for Saitama. Click here to check it out!

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“Saitama is currently the most powerful known being alive in the entire universe, possessing infinite strength, speed, reflexes, stamina, and complete invulnerability. Though his powers are limited to improvements on typical human traits (e.g., he cannot fly or project energy), his physical capabilities are so advanced that no enemy has ever managed to harm him in any way. Saitama holds back in all of his fights in an effort to entertain himself, but almost all opponents he faces are defeated with a single, nonchalant punch. As a result of his immensely overwhelming power, no opponent has ever been able to get him to even try to draw out all of his strength in a fight, with Boros, who was capable of destroying a planet, noting that Saitama still had plenty of strength to spare upon defeat. Consequently, the upward extent of Saitama’s power is still unknown.”

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