The Dragon of the South Wind — Hanzo!

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Ryu and Ken. Scorpion and Sub-Zero. Mega Man and Proto Man. Genji and Hanzo. Warriors forever linked in epic rivalries. Join me and learn how to draw HANZO SHIMADA — the “Dragon of the South wind” — archer and assassin, and elder brother to Genji, from Overwatch!

Also if you haven’t already, don’t forget to watch the awesome animated short, “Dragons”, which tells the tale of Hanzo and Genji’s first meeting since Genji’s “death”. Click here.

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From Wikipedia:

“Hanzo Shimada is a 38-year-old Japanese assassin and mercenary. He is the elder brother of Genji, and the heir to the head of the Shimada clan. He was trained from an early age to take over the clan, becoming an expert strategist and tactician, as well as a skilled warrior and marksman. When his father died, Hanzo was directed by the clan elders to bring Genji into line; when Genji refused, the two brothers battled, resulting in what appeared to be Genji’s death. Guilty and grief-stricken, Hanzo abandoned the clan and travelled the world in an effort to restore his honor.”

CHANNEL NEWS: At 37 minutes and 26 seconds long, this is the longest tutorial I have to date. Lots of details = long video. For this reason, I try to choose characters that are simple in design.

Right click and save the image below for the Hanzo coloring page:


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