Viewer Showcase + Giveaway Contest! 3000 Subscribers!

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Three thousand subscribers! Holy schmoly, Batman! That’s amazing!

It’s amazing and inspiring to see so many young artists sharing their drawings. Here’s a video compilation of some of the art I have received.

Also, to celebrate 3000 subs, I would like to give away two of my art pieces to two lucky subscribers. Want to win? Here are the rules:


  1. Subscribe to Draw it, Too! on YouTube
  2. Join the Draw it Too Community on Google+. Click here:
  3. In the Draw it Too Community on Google+, share a drawing you did of one of my tutorials.
  4. Encourage other Draw it Too Community members with their artwork. You can do this by +1’ing their artwork or commenting below their artwork. Remember, no negativity or trolling allowed! Let’s all be friends, okay?

The contest will close on 4th of July and the two winners will be chosen at random and announced the following day.

Happy drawing and good luck!


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I’m a schoolteacher who has always loved to draw. One day, one of my students said, “Can you teach me how to draw Baymax from Big Hero Six?” Thus, the channel was born! I’m a big nerd who loves comic books, action figures, and movies. I live in the USA, but I’m actually Filipino-Canadian.

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