How to Draw GODZILLA (Godzilla [2014] Movie) Drawing Tutorial

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GODZILLA has evolved in appearance over the years, ranging from a 50-foot monster barely the size of skyscrapers, to the giant behemoth from the 2014 film. I chose the 2014 film as my source because of how massive and awe-inspiring this version is.

The cool thing about Godzilla is that he’s a very simple design, but with so much detail packed in. This tutorial is all about details. Honestly, if you had given me another hour to do this drawing I would’ve added so much more details in! So I challenge you to do the same: Add as much detail as you can to create the flesh that is GODZILLA!

And if you didn’t already know, Godzilla is coming to Netflix in November ( I woul’d probably be doing Justice League and Star Wars then, so here’s my chance to do Godzilla beforehand.

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Godzilla was once a dinosaur known as a Godzillasaurus, who somehow survived the extinction of the dinosaurs and dwelt on Lagos Island, where he once saved a Japanese platoon in WWII in 1944. Ten years later after the death of the creature, H-Bomb testing started to increase, and when the H-Bomb hit Lagos Island, the dinosaur mutated into the creature known as Godzilla. It became far larger, stronger, and more powerful, and gained a radioactive atomic ray; the monster was unstoppable–or so it was thought. When a device called the oxygen destroyer killed the original Godzilla, a new Godzilla was born, who was even bigger and stronger, with a more powerful atomic ray, minor regeneration abilities, and thicker skin.



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      Hello, sorry I can’t do that as it is a Patreon reward.

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    When is saw the new page i was like woah cos i haven’t been seeing ur drawings lately. Btw nice drawing. Keep at it ramnyt

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