How to Draw LUKE CAGE (Netflix Luke Cage Series) Drawing Tutorial

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That’s one more Defender for ya. The Netflix series, THE DEFENDERS, comes out this Friday!

Like Jessica Jones and Danny Rand, LUKE CAGE doesn’t wear a costume in his TV series. He wore clothes ranging from a janitor’s uniform, to plain t-shirts and sweaters, to a more dressy tuxedo and peacoat jacket. So if he doesn’t have any consistent looks, what’s the most iconic?

The answer: a hoodie with bullet holes.

Luke Cage is arguably my favourite Defender at the moment. Can’t tell you exactly why. He’s just cool. A lot of it does have to do with his comic book counterpart, especially during the Civil War storyline. Also that Mike Colter just looks like a genuinely nice guy.

So, question: How do you rank the Netflix MCU shows? Let me know in the comments!

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Carl Lucas is a former policeman from Savannah, Georgia, who was wrongfully convicted into Seagate Prison, where he met and fell in love with therapist Reva Connors. During his time in prison, he was subjected to an experiment by Noah Burstein to save his life, leaving him physically enhanced with superhuman strength and seemingly unbreakable skin. After he escaped from his prison, he changed his name to Luke Cage and moved to New York City, marrying Connors and living there until her death seemingly due to a random bus crash.

Months later, Cage came across private investigator Jessica Jones during the course of an investigation and started a relationship with her, but he discovered that Jones was involved in the murder of his wife due to the influence of Kilgrave. Following his encounters with Jones and Kilgrave, he moved from Hell’s Kitchen into Harlem in order to build a new life, working for Pop. However his life became more complicated due to the actions of Cottonmouth, whose henchman Tone killed Pop, starting a war between the pair which only ended when Cottonmouth was found dead.

Blamed for Cottonmouth’s murder, Cage was forced to go on the run, hunted by his ally Misty Knight and his former friend Willis Stryker, who returned to tell Cage they were brothers before attempting to kill him. Eventually Cage defeated Stryker but he was still arrested by the police to continue his original sentence.




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