How to Draw RICK and MORTY (Rick and Morty) Drawing Tutorial

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I asked if you liked RICK AND MORTY and a few of you said you did! So in honour of the fact that season 3 of the popular Adult Swim show is almost upon us, here’s a tutorial!

But if I’m being honest with you, I still have not watched a single episode. Anyone care to tell me what this image is a reference to? What are they staring at??

LOL With so many good shows/movies/video games out there, there’s bound to be a couple of characters I won’t know anything about.

Happy drawing,


After missing for nearly 20 years, Rick Sanchez suddenly arrives at his daughter Beth’s doorstep looking to move in with her and her family. Beth welcomes him with open arms, but her unremarkable husband Jerry isn’t too thrilled about the tearful reunion as Rick’s arrival serves to shake things up quite a bit around the household. Rick converts the garage into his personal laboratory and gets to work on all sorts of dangerous sci-fi gadgets and contraptions. That wouldn’t be so bad if not for the fact that Rick continues to involve his grandchildren Morty and Summer in his insane adventures.



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I’m a schoolteacher who has always loved to draw. One day, one of my students said, “Can you teach me how to draw Baymax from Big Hero Six?” Thus, the channel was born! I’m a big nerd who loves comic books, action figures, and movies. I live in the USA, but I’m actually Filipino-Canadian.

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  1. jashon white
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    for your next video, thor ragnarok is coming. can you do a few drawings for it if your not too busy?

    • ramnyt
      | Reply

      I have those videos scheduled near the release of the movie.

    • ramnyt
      | Reply

      I have those videos scheduled nearer to the release of the movie.

      • jashon white
        | Reply

        ok thanks

        • jashon white
          | Reply

          i cant wait i am so happy to get my drawing on point!

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