How to Draw THE VULTURE (Spider-Man: Homecoming) Drawing Tutorial

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You guys asked for it and I am happy to oblige! I mentioned before that I wasn’t a huge fan of doing MCU villain tutorials because Marvel villains have been pretty forgettable and thus the tutorials for them have been pretty unpopular.

But THE VULTURE bucked that trend, and I am glad to say he’s one of my favourite MCU villains to date! So here is a tutorial for ADRIAN TOOMES a.k.a. THE VULTURE from SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING!

I just gotta say two things that are pretty brilliant: One, is the casting of Michael Keaton as another costumed flying character (he was previously Batman and Birdman). SO GOOD. And two, think about this for a second: vultures are scavenger birds. THE VULTURE is a scavenger of artifacts from Avengers battles. They’re scavengers! GENIUS!

Here’s the reference photo for this tutorial. Check it out if you want to add details to the wings.

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Adrian Toomes is the former owner of Toomes Salvage Company, based in New York City, who turned to a criminal lifestyle after his livelihood was usurped by the Department of Damage Control, in alliance with Tony Stark. Equipping himself with an exo-suit created from stolen Chitauri technology, Toomes took on the identity of Vulture and spent the next four years stealing advanced weaponry until his actions were noticed and prevented by Spider-Man.



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