Martian Manhunter (Comic Version) Tutorial

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Think super-powered alien whose world was destroyed, who now serves as protector to his second home. Who disguises himself and lives in secrecy among Earthlings. Who flies around wearing a cape, and founds a league with other super-powered beings, for justice.

It’s J’ONN J’ONZZ, of course. Also known as the MARTIAN MANHUNTER!

This week you’ll have noticed that I have ramped up production of my videos, and if you look back you’ll see that I have been uploading two videos per day since Monday (well, actually I’ve been uploading three per day, but the other videos are hidden, accessible only to my Patreon patrons). It has been exhausting, but I have been loving most the experience. It is my hope that these tutorials will have some longevity such that, ten years from now, they are still relevant.

After this month I will be reverting back to my 4 tutorials per week schedule.

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Decades ago, J’onn J’onzz was teleported to Earth from Mars and was left stranded. Since then he has used his extraordinary abilities to protect and serve the people of Earth.



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I’m a schoolteacher who has always loved to draw. One day, one of my students said, “Can you teach me how to draw Baymax from Big Hero Six?” Thus, the channel was born! I’m a big nerd who loves comic books, action figures, and movies. I live in the USA, but I’m actually Filipino-Canadian.

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  1. Abhiyudya Singh
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    Hi Ramny this is like awesome and its a humble request that can you make Loki from Thor 3 Ragnork

    • ramnyt
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      Hello, again as I have mentioned, I do movie characters at the time of the movie release.

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