Shazam! (Comic Version) Tutorial

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He was initially called Captain Thunder, then Captain Marvel. Now Billy Batson is simply known as SHAZAM, the World’s Mightiest Mortal!

There are a few SHAZAM tutorials on YouTube, but none of them are for his New 52 look, which is why I decided to go for the New 52 look for this tutorial.

Shazam is one of the most powerful heroes in the DC universe, and I am excited for the planned live-action movie — if they ever get that up and running. I know The Rock is supposed to play Black Adam, Shazam’s greatest nemesis. Awesome casting, in my opinion. But with that in place, who CAN go toe to to with The Rock? Will they have two people play Shazam — one as child Billy Batson and the other as Shazam? Will Shazam be all CGI? Let’s speculate!

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Deemed worthy of becoming the champion of the ancient Wizard Mamaragan, whenever he utters the word “Shazam” young Billy Batson is struck by a magical thunderbolt and gains vast divine powers and abilities. In wake of Darksied war these capacities now stem from S’ivaa, H’ronmeer, Anapel, Zonuz; Yuga Khan, Atë, and Mamaragan e.i. The Wizard, as well as transforming him into Magic’s Champion, the World’s Mightiest Mortal, Shazam!



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