Nightwing (Classic Comic Version) Tutorial

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Many of you have asked, so here he is: DICK GRAYSON, a.k.a. Robin the First, a.k.a. NIGHTWING!

Now I’ll let you know why Nightwing is my favourite character of the Bat-family, and the whole of DC Comics. It’s summed up in this quote:

“Who do I think I am? Good question, really, and I’ll answer like this: I’ve seen too much to be Robin, but I’m still too optimistic to be Batman. I’m Nightwing. I’m Officer Dick Grayson. I’m Barbara’s boyfriend, Bruce Wayne’s adopted son, and the last living member of the Amazing Flying Graysons. I’m happy.”

He’s everything Batman is — orphaned child, dedicating his life to fighting crime — minus the anger and brooding nature. He’s come to terms with the death of his parents. He has moved on.

Batman, well, he hasn’t.

Of all the Robins I consider him Number 1. Is he the successor to Batman? I don’t think so. Tim Drake or even Damian Wayne could do that better. He’s Nightwing.

And I hope you enjoy this tutorial!

Happy drawing,

P.S. I’ll get to alternate Nightwing costumes someday. I want to do the most iconic of them all — this one — first.


Dick Grayson is a vigilante in the Batman Family and the original hero known as Robin. Eventually he outgrew this position and was inspired by Superman to become Nightwing, while Jason Todd and Tim Drake succeeded him as Robin. Following the disappearance of Bruce Wayne, he succeeded his mentor to become Batman with Damian Wayne as his Robin during the Battle for the Cowl storyline. Bruce’s return allowed them to both wear the mantle as part of Batman Incorporated, although Grayson has since then returned to his Nightwing costume.



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