Armored Titan (Attack on Titan) Tutorial

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I’m doing Anime again! Well, for now anyway.

I’m interrupting “A-list Superhero Tutorial Month” because, well, ATTACK ON TITAN is back on! Season two is finally here, so here is a tutorial on the ARMORED TITAN! Yes, full body.

Are you keeping up with the new episodes? What do you think so far? Let me know in the comments!

Oh by the way, I keep referring to the armored plates as “bones” but I believe the anime/manga explain that it’s actually hardened muscle, whatever that means.

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The Armored Titan is 15 meters tall. He is tied as the third tallest currently known Titan shifter. It has white plates of hardened skin covering the entirety of its body, except for muscles in its cheeks that become exposed when it opens its lipless jaw, as well as the muscle tissue behind its knees, elbows, and feet. Its eyes are covered by white, organic lenses, and it has short, blond hair. In the anime, the hardened skin is golden-yellow, its hair is gray-white and his protective lenses are golden. It has been noted that it has high agility and is capable of moving at a fast momentum, despite its seemingly-heavy weight and being low on stamina.

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    Can u make a video fo the colossal,rogue,and beast titans

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    Amaazinggg as always

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