Red Hood (Batman: Arkham Knight) Tutorial

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You guys responded so positively to my ARKHAM KNIGHT tutorial that I thought I should go back and revisit the Arkham game series. So this time, let’s do the RED HOOD!

Which other Arkham game character should I do a tutorial on? Let me know in the comments!

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The Red Hood was the alias of a particularly infamous criminal active during Batman’s early years as the caped crusader. As indicated by the name, the criminal wore a red bowl-shaped helmet as a means of covering his identity, although it is strongly implied that the person wearing the disguise was always different. The Red Hood is most notorious as being the former identity of The Joker prior to his encounter with Batman.

Since Jason Todd changed the Arkham Knight persona, he was able to lay his long-rooted vengeance against Batman to rest, and began to heal the damage that Joker inflicted on him at Arkham Asylum. It was during this recovery that the Red Hood was born, and is implied to have become the permanent holder of the identity. However, while he was once again aligned with his former mentor in wanting to rid Gotham City of its criminal contingent, Todd’s willingness to take lives will forever keep them at odds.



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    Hey ramny can you draw two face from the dark Knight or akhram knight reply mr i believed that on that tutorial you will get the positive results plz reply me

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    reply me

    • ramnyt
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      I will consider your requests, but please don’t be demanding.

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    did you draw two faces??
    yes or no reply me

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    ok sorry for that comment But can you release Adult Groot inking video please
    And have a good day

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    wow rammy,I Liked this Drawing

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