The Flash (The CW TV Series) Tutorial, Version Two

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Consider this version two of my FLASH tutorial! Since that time my channel has grown a lot, and my style has evolved for the better, so I am taking another crack at the second-most popular video that I have released.

With this second version I hope to fix a lot of the issues people had with the original drawing:

  1. The angle that the original was filmed at was a little awkward. We were traveling at the time, so I didn’t have the drawing desk that I have now.
  2. The figure was facing sideways. People wanted a front-facing Barry Allen.
  3. There were no legs in the original. I still don’t do very many full-body tutorials, but this time around I did add legs.
  4. My original was not inked and it had no colouring page. Back then I didn’t have colouring pages for my tutorials, nor did I ink them. They were just pencil drawings. This one will come with a colouring page.
  5. The editing was bad. At the time I tried to keep my tutorials about fifteen minutes. I make them twice as long now.
  6. It’s now in 1080p.

PLEASE NOTE: If you’re looking for a JUSTICE LEAGUE FLASH, that will come later in the year, when we are closer to the release of the film. I will, however, draw a COMIC BOOK VERSION of Flash — sometime soon. Stay tuned for those!

Also note, I’ve made a FLASH TV SERIES PLAYLIST! Check it out and see if you’ve missed any of my tutorials:

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After the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator exploded, it caused a giant thundercloud to form and Barry Allen was struck by lightning, falling comatose for nine months. When he woke up from his coma, he discovered that he had developed superhuman speed and various other abilities derived from it. Using these super powers, he began acting as a meta-human vigilante and superhero known as Red Streak or The Streak. Soon after, the public recognized him as The Flash, stylized as the “Scarlet Speedster”.



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I’m a schoolteacher who has always loved to draw. One day, one of my students said, “Can you teach me how to draw Baymax from Big Hero Six?” Thus, the channel was born! I’m a big nerd who loves comic books, action figures, and movies. I live in the USA, but I’m actually Filipino-Canadian.

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  1. Zuriel
    | Reply

    Thank you so much for making this picture will u make a zoom and reverse flash as well

  2. T.J.Comix! (Tristan)
    | Reply

    This is alot better than the first one. And that’s saying something becuase I loved the first one! XD

    • ramnyt
      | Reply

      Glad you like it! Thanks!

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