Kratos (God of War) Tutorial

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I gotta be honest, I’ve never played a single GOD OF WAR game. But that doesn’t matter, since KRATOS has transcended the video game realm with his awesomeness and badassery. The pale skin, those tattoos, his scars, his armor, his weapons — all masterfully designed.

Many of you last year have asked for a tutorial of the ‘Ghost of Sparta’, but I never really got around to it. Until now. Enjoy this tutorial!

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Kratos was once a merciless sergeant of the renowned Spartan army. On the verge of defeat, Kratos sells his soul to the Ares, son of Zeus and god of war. With his new allies, Kratos becomes a champion of Olympus and wreaks havoc across Greece. Haunted by his memories of his malicious acts upon the innocent, he is bestowed a mission to kill the man who owns him. He must kill the god of war.



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