Origami Ninja Stars (Paper Shuriken)

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What’s up guys and gals!

A few months back I talked about wanting to do other kinds of videos. Well, this is one of them — a tutorial series on how to make stuff! I call this video series “Nerdcrafting”. In other words, making crafts for cool nerds like me and many of you out there!

For the first Nerdcrafting episode I want to show you how to create shuriken, or ninja stars, out of paper. The art of paper folding, of course is called origami. You may use any type of paper. Printer paper works fine, but you do have to cut them into squares first. In this video I actually use origami paper, which is 6″x 6″, or 15 cm x 15 cm.

A little warning: If you make these, be careful how and where to use them. When I was in middle school there was a kid who got suspended for throwing these around in our classroom. He actually hit someone in the eye, and that person ended up at the nurse’s. The principal considered these as “weapons” and banned them from our school.

I have a lot more stuff planned for my Nerdcrafting series, so do subscribe and stay tuned!

Happy drawing — or in this case, CRAFTING!


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