Firestorm (Legends of Tomorrow)

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It wasn’t my intent to completely avoid the show DC’s LEGENDS OF TOMORROW, but’s kind of what happened in this channel. Let’s fix that! The first character we’re doing a tutorial on from the show is none other than Jefferson (Jax) Jackson (and Professor Martin Stein)’s version of FIRESTORM!

There’s a pretty small chance I’ll draw the Ronnie Raymond Firestorm, especially because he’s a much older character, and since he’s been dead a while he hasn’t been really relevant. Judging from experience, I predict that a tutorial on him would have some low views. On the other hand, there are tons of other Legends of Tomorrow characters. Let me know in the comments below whom I should draw next!

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After the death of Ronnie Raymond, Jefferson “Jax” Jackson took his place as one half of the transmuted and conjoined Meta-human called Firestorm alongside Martin Stein. Jax was then recruited by Rip Hunter on a mission to take down Vandal Savage; though Jax was initially unwilling to join the team, Stein, who was desperate to become a time traveler and knew that he couldn’t be separated from Jax for long without his powers becoming unstable, drugged him and forced him to come along. Despite joining the team against his will, Jax later grew to like being part of the team, and he now acts as the mechanic of the Waverider as well as a member of the Legends, a group of people dedicated to protecting the timeline from time criminals.



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