NEW ART STORE! (Also, Colouring Savitar)

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Many of you have asked if I sell my art. Yes, yes I am!

You can now go to my brand new art store:

All of my art prints are measured 8″ x 10″ and printed in super fancy (expensive!) specialty paper. I do the printing, packaging, and shipping myself here in my studio.

All my art pieces have limited availability. There will only be 40 prints available for each art piece, and if I sell 40, then it’s sold out! So hurry while my items are available!

Each art print will be signed by me, and will have a designated print number out of 40.

From this point forward I will continue to add art pieces into my art store. A few of which you may not have seen before! So stay tuned.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my Savitar colouring. I used Copics and Prismacolours for it. You can buy a print of it in my art store!

Happy drawing,


“Savitar” is an ancient and unimaginably powerful speedster with a metallic appearance, dubbing himself as the “God of Speed”. He was also called the Dark Lord by an Acolyte of his cult, which he led himself through an avatar known as Alchemy, preparing worlds for his arrival. He also keeps referring to himself as “the Future.” According to stories and myths learned by Jay Garrick, he is the first meta-human speedster in the multiverse, who is presumed to originate from Earth One.



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