Knightmare Batman (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice)

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Hands down, my most popular tutorial is my How to Draw Batman from BvS video. I’ve come a long way since that video was released, in terms of drawing style, confidence in speaking in front of the camera, and production value. Today I’d like to revisit Batman again! Many have asked for a tutorial on him in his Knightmare dream sequence costume. I’m more than happy to oblige!

CHANNEL NEWS: As you may have noticed, I have an intro in this video! I have made a generic introduction for all of my Mini How to Draw videos, so expect to see this exact same intro in all my Mini How to Draw tutorials from now on.

Also — I’ll be putting my Pokemon tutorials on hold so I can devote some time towards a few drawing-related projects. I’ll keep you updated in the Google+ community. See you there!

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After falling asleep at his desk, Bruce began to experience a form of a nightmarish dream, seemingly a vision of a possible apocalyptic future. A devastated Superman kills thousands, and is driven by his incredible grief and despair to become dark and maniacal taking over the Earth as its iron-fistedruler, creating a stormtrooper army to aid him in his totalitarian regime of Earth, killing anybody who opposes him.



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