Savitar (The Flash)

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With Doctor Alchemy appearing last month, it was inevitable that SAVITAR himself would arrive. And here he is!

I gotta be honest, this was a very challenging and frustrating tutorial to make. There were no media releases or official photographs that I could get my hands on, to use as a reference. I relied on images from the Internet, many of which were too small, too dark, or too blurry to really get a good look at the character’s features. Not even a screenshot of an episode in HD had good results.

Most of the time this isn’t a problem. Doctor Alchemy didn’t come with official photographs either.

The difference is that I got a good look at Alchemy’s mask with the photos available online, and his costume was simple enough in design that I could fill in the blanks.

The problem with Savitar is that he’s got such a complicated design that it was challenging to figure how his face is even structured. On his head alone there are layers upon layers of metal, all overlapping each other and making horns at the top and in the back. But how exactly are those pieces of metal laid out? How do they all fit together? I needed the details. For example — it looks like he’s got a scar on one eye, but does he? Even with all the images that I had, I couldn’t tell. To do a good tutorial on him, I needed to know how each metal piece fit on his face.

So after a couple of weeks of trials and errors, here he is. Thank you to all of you for your patience as I figured it all out. Enjoy!

So now that you know all of the issues I went through with getting Savitar’s face and shoulders alone, please don’t ask me to do a full body tutorial on him. There’s just not enough information out there. And I think I’m quite done with this character.



“Savitar” is an ancient and unimaginably powerful speedster with a metallic appearance, dubbing himself as the “God of Speed”. He was also called the Dark Lord by an Acolyte of his cult, which he led himself through an avatar known as Alchemy, preparing worlds for his arrival. He also keeps referring to himself as “the Future.” According to stories and myths learned by Jay Garrick, he is the first meta-human speedster in the multiverse, who is presumed to originate from Earth One.



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