How to Slow Down YouTube Videos

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Hehe, you like the clickbaity title I did there?

Over the holidays I got a lot of comments saying my tutorials are too fast. When I record my tutorials I do them at a speed that is optimized for YouTube, but we all draw at different paces, so what is slow enough for some may still be too fast for others.

The best bet is to pause the video each step of the way. Watch me do a step, then you pause the video and do that same step.

If that doesn’t work for you, you can slow down the video. Head over to the bottom right of the video and click the settings icon (it’s the one that looks like a gear):

Click on “Speed” and then choose the speed that you want the video to play. It will distort my voice, but if that bothers you you can mute the sound and just follow the video.

I don’t think this option is available for watching YouTube videos on mobile, so you need to be on the computer for this one. Here’s an article that could help you even further.

I hope this video helps!

Happy drawing,

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