More Marvel Trailers! GOTG Vol. 2! Spider-Man: Homecoming!

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Two big Marvel trailers were just released. Let’s talk about them!

The first is the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 trailer starring our favourite Marvel space heroes — Star-Lord, Drax, Gamora, and of course, Rocket and Baby Groot. What a funny trailer. Loved it!

If you missed it, check it out here:

The second trailer (trailers, actually, since there were two released) is for the much anticipated Spider-Man: Homecoming, the first solo film with Spider-Man in the MCU following his debut in Captain America: Civil War. I wasn’t overwhelmed by these trailers, although it’s still pretty interesting to see the new suits well as a fresh new take on two of Spider-Man’s classic villains never before seen on screen yet — the Vulture and Shocker.

Here’s the link to the domestic trailer:

And the international one:

At the same time, I revisit an old tutorial I did of Spider-Man when he appeared in Captain America: Civil War. This tutorial was done at the time when I did not ink my drawings, so I thought I’d go back and ink and colour it.

Enjoy! Let me know your thoughts about these two movies in the comments below!

Happy drawing,

And since it’s been inked, there’s a colouring page for it! Right click to download:

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