The Rival (The Flash)

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Another speedster? How original!

Today let’s learn how to draw THE RIVAL from the third season of the hit CW TV series, The Flash.

As I mention in this video, usually there is a press release featuring characters that appear in movies or TV shows. These press releases include official photos of the characters. For example, we saw Kid Flash in costume in official photos way before the third season even began. Unfortunately when The Rival made his debut, there was no such press release for him. There was a demand for a tutorial, but all I could find were low-resolution paparazzi-style set photos, which do not make very good reference photos.

Well, I had to resort to stills from the TV show in order to get good enough reference photos of The Rival to do a tutorial on. I made a few adjustments so that his costume looks less like a motorcycle jacket and more like a comic costume. I hope you all like how it turned out.

I’ll be doing more DC television characters in the near future, so stay tuned!

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P.S.: Is anyone else getting tired of all the speedsters showing up in the show? I kind of wish they would diversify a little bit more.


Still, not much is known about The Rival from the television show. The Rival of the comics was Professor Edward Clariss, who taught at the same university Jay Garrick was a student at when he gained super speed. Clariss found his way to the same formula that granted Jay his powers, and decided to make life difficult for Jay Garrick.


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    Thank you for making videos about the flashes I personally am a big fan of the flash. I’ve been watching since the first episode, until my uncle who was also a big fan ,had died. So to keep up his legend I kept on watching for him. And I drew the flashes using your tutorials and left them at his grave every month on the 16th. So thank you for helping me. I’ve created a YouTube channel also the keep his spirit with me.Keep up the good work!

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