Gon Freecss (Hunter X Hunter)

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Hunter X Hunter is widely regarded as one of the best contemporary Shōnen anime series, and its main character, GON FREECSS, is one main reason for that.

What makes Hunter X Hunter different from all the other anime out there is the way it subverts the tropes we have gotten used to from anime. Unlike other main characters, GON remains relatively the same. He doesn’t discover new power levels or anything, like Goku’s saiyan forms, but rather he relies on his cleverness and resources to win his battles.

GON is a breath of fresh air when it comes to anime characters, as he truly breaks the mold of what main anime characters should be like. HxH is definitely worth watching, so go see it!

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Since his early youth, due to his father’s absence and Mito’s dislike of Ging (Gon’s father), Gon had been told that his parents died in an accident when he was a baby. But at the age of nine, Gon is rescued from an angry mother foxbear by a man named Kite — a professional Hunter and a student of Gon’s long lost father. After hitting Gon in the face, Kite attempts to kill the foxbear’s cub but Gon protects it. Kite is looking for Ging as a final test before his master will consider him to be a true Hunter. Kite’s admiration of Ging awakens in Gon a lifetime goal of meeting his father. In order to find and meet Ging, Gon is driven from that moment to obtain a Hunter’s License. He cites a desire to know what would cause Ging to choose his profession as a Hunter over being a parent as his motivation for becoming a Hunter. (Source)

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