It’s a Titan… Taller than the Wall!

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Happy Anime Thursday! Today let’s draw the COLOSSAL TITAN from Attack on Titan!

If you have not heard of the anime Attack on Titan, you’re definitely missing out. Check out this clip, which reveals the first time a COLOSSAL TITAN appears:

I don’t watch a lot of anime, but Attack on Titan is definitely one of my favourites, and if you’re into fast-paced, dynamic action, this series is definitely for you. Not to mention well fleshed-out characters and a captivating plot.

There’s a live-action movie as well, although it strays far from the anime or manga, I think it’s still pretty enjoyable for a weekend watch. Check out the trailer:

What do you guys think of Attack on Titan, the manga, anime, or movie? Who is your favourite character? Let me know in the comments below! I personally like Mikasa. (I’ve been accused of ruining spoilers before, so I am refraining from explaining more about who the Titans are and where they come from.)

Anyway I hope you enjoy the tutorial!

Happy drawing,


“The Colossal Titan is one of the more heavily-deformed titans seen in the series – he appears to lack skin entirely and his jaw and facial structure seemed to be heavily altered from the human form. He was also constantly releasing jets of steam from the surface of his body. His legs are quite different to those of a human and other Titans, as they were swollen and pillar-like in appearance. His physiology was modeled after the male sex, but like all Titans, he lacked sexual organs. He had slim arms in comparison to his body and legs.” (Source)

Colouring page! Download and enjoy!


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