Monkey D. Luffy!

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There’s one who could probably kick the butt of Stretch Armstrong, Mr. Fantastic, Elasti-Girl (from The Incredibles), and Plastic Man in the body stretching department. None other than our favourite straw hat-wearing pirate, MONKEY D. LUFFY!

It’s hard to argue the popularity of Luffy. and his gang of pirates. One Piece is THE best-selling manga comic book of all time, selling 380 million copies to date. And that is a major accomplishment considering that One Piece isn’t even ten years old, but competing with the likes of older manga series such as Dragon Ball, Golgo 13, Doraemon, or Astro Boy.

So today we honour that distinction with a tutorial! Grab your drawing tools and let’s draw Luffy!

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“In One Piece, Luffy sails from the East Blue to the Grand Line in search of the legendary treasure One Piece to succeed Gol. D. Roger as the King of the Pirates. He is the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates and along his journey, he recruits new crew members with unique abilities and personalities. He fights several antagonists, such as the Seven Warlords of the Sea, the World Government, and the Yonko during his travels, while also aiding and befriending the locals of various islands. Luffy has a cheerful demeanor but is quickly serious when fighting. Luffy is able to use the elasticity of his body to concentrate his strength and power to execute a diverse range of attacks, the most prominent being his signature Gum-Gum Pistol, in which Luffy slingshots his punches at opponents from a distance.” (Source)

Grab the colouring page here. Download and enjoy!


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