Hadouken! It’s Ryu!

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Today I show you how to draw RYU, arguably the greatest fighter in the whole Street Fighter franchise!

As I mention in the video, Street Fighter is pretty dear to me as it reminds me of childhood. Many house parties were spent playing with friends and cousins around the Super Nintendo, having a Street Fighter II tournament to see who would come out on top.

I normally chose Ryu or Guile, and I usually don’t win those tournaments as I have a few relatives that I can easily describe as hardcore gamers. Just beating them alone, though, is a win enough for me. Hah!

I hope you enjoy this tutorial. Let me know in the comments who your favourite Street Fighter warrior is!

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“As a young boy, Ryu was an orphan and had no memories of his parents. He is adopted and raised by Gouken in a secluded dojo, and is intensely trained in Gouken’s style of martial arts. Ryu finds himself at the first World Warrior tournament. After defeating all opponents, Ryu earns the right to face the host of the tournament, Sagat. Sagat nearly defeats Ryu and let his guard down after he thought he had won. Ryu had an intense desire to win and allows himself to become overcome by the Satsui no Hadou, also known as the Dark Hadou. Ryu then launches a perfectly timed Metsu Shoryuken which scars Sagat’s chest and nearly kills him. After Sagat regains consciousness, he swears vengeance on Ryu.” (Source)

P.S. Download the free colouring page. Right click and save. Enjoy!


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