Pursue your Dreams and Passions (Vlog time!)

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Hey all! Vlog time. In this episode I talk specifically about pursuing your dreams and following your passions so you can have a satisfying and happy career.

I wanted to do this vlog essentially because I had read a little history about the creator of One-Punch Man, who goes by the pseudonym ONE, and I found his story fascinating. I totally relate to what he went through, and from reading one of the interviews he did, I feel like we could all learn a lesson or two from the way things have worked out for him.

The interview I am referring to, you can find by clicking here:

Growing up, ONE kept his passions hidden from others because of ridicule and shame. To his peers and parents, manga was a waste of time. He even got in trouble for drawing!

But he knew that drawing manga was what he wanted to do, and he was willing to make the sacrifices necessary for him to pursue his passion. He worked a job with a plan to save enough money so that he can eventually quit to draw manga for a full year.

His peers discouraged him from quitting his job. They had no confidence in him.

In a turn of events, he caught a break. And the rest, they say, is history. Because of it we now have the One-Punch Man manga and eventually an anime series to enjoy.

For me, I had always wanted to be a comic book artist. I have loved comic books since I was little. And as a kid all I wanted to do was draw.

Growing up, however, it wasn’t “cool” to be into comic books. So in order to fit in with my friends, I set drawing and reading comics aside. I followed career paths that had little to do with my initial passion, which was to draw superheroes.

But I took a leap of faith and discovered YouTube. Now I may not be the comic book artist I wanted to be, but I discovered something equally as satisfying. I still get to draw my favourite superheroes, but instead of working for other companies, I work for myself as a YouTube artist. And I love it. YouTube did not exist when I was younger. So I just got creative — my dreams of becoming a traditional comic artist simply evolved into the opportunities that presented themselves as I got older.

I hope you find some inspiration from ONE’s story and some insight to my background as to how I got here, doing what I do on YouTube. I would love to hear your thoughts and comments. What are your passions? What career path do you see yourself taking in the future?

Happy drawing,

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