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Grab your drawing tools and join me as I draw everyone’s favourite not-so-jolly green giant, The Incredible HULK!

I grew up knowing Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno as household names. To me, they define Bruce Banner and Hulk respectively, so much so that I compare other live action iterations to them. As for the other Banner/Hulk actors, Eric Bana has the sensitivity, but he doesn’t really come off as the nerd that Banner is supposed to be. Edward Norton has the intensity, but is too athletic and lacks the humour. Mark Ruffalo has the complexity of the character down. He is conflicted, yet still witty. Tragic yet heroic. That and the fact that I still see Ruffalo’s face in the Hulk’s, unlike the other actors where they look nothing like their green monster counterparts. But I think Bill Bixby will always be Banner, and Ferrigno the Hulk. It’s just that ingrained in my memory.

Anyway, on to you: Who is your favourite Hulk actor and why?

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P.S.: Special thanks to Maria Pederson for the outro! She used my tutorials to draw murals on her daughters’ bedroom walls. How cool is that?

From the 1991 Impel Marvel trading card:

“Bruce Banner was a brilliant, mild-mannered scientist–until accidental exposure to the radiation of a gamma-ray bomb unleashed his hidden dark side and turned him into a raging brute with incalculable strength! To his horror, Banner became the green-skinned Hulk whenever he grew angry.”

P.S. Here’s the coloring page. You know what to do!


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