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Grab your pencils — let’s draw NARUTO UZUMAKI from the popular manga/anime series!

It’s been a while since I did a two-part video tutorial, but since I did the whole of Naruto’s body as opposed to just the head and shoulders, I felt it would be fitting to split this long video in two.

As you guys might guess, the reason I mainly do head/shoulder or half body tutorials is because of time constraints. Master Chief, for example, is a pretty complex design and the helmet alone took 20 minutes to do, so I only did the helmet.

Manga/anime characters tend to be simpler to do (excluding mech suits), so I am able to do full-body tutorials on them. I don’t plan on doing too many two-parter videos, however, once in a while when I see a character design that’s appropriate for it (such as Naruto here), I will do so.

I hope you are all enjoying my Anime Thursdays series. Don’t forget to post your art in the Google+ community for all to see!

Happy drawing,

P.S.: Here’s the coloring page. Download and enjoy!


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  1. Ryan Khan
    | Reply

    Hello, Ramny I tried my best to draw naruto but I always have problems in drawing the eyes and the face properly otherwise I am done with my drawing!

    • ramny
      | Reply

      That’s awesome, Ryan!!

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