“People treated him like a monster…”

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“…So he became one.”

You know, I *was* going to do a SUICIDE SQUAD movie review.

Unfortunately that was around the time of our big move (watch here). I never got around to doing it, and at this point, I had seen the movie so long ago that it wouldn’t feel right to do a review now.

But I had coloured KILLER CROC in preparation for that review. (It was going to be a react video.) And instead of keeping this coloured version of Killer Croc under wraps, here he is, in Speed Drawing form for you all to enjoy!


I enjoyed the movie, more than I did BvS. It had pretty funny moments, and it had heart. But I never really understood how it makes sense for a guy with boomerangs, a girl with a bat, or a guy who is good at tying knots are the best options to fight against supernatural beings. Honestly, if the Suicide Squad faced equally matched villains, I would have enjoyed it more.

I liked the characters, Deadshot and El Diablo the most. Harley Quinn and the Joker were okay — she kind of acted like a spoiled teenage girl (I was a junior high teacher, so I saw the parallels), and he didn’t have enough screen time for me to really judge his performance.

Overall, it could have been better, but it’s not as terrible as the critics would have you believe. I’d watch this over Thor 2 or Iron Man 2.

What about you?

Happy drawing,


P.S. Right click to download the coluoring page below so you too can colour in Killer Croc!


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