Gotta Ketchum all!

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Pikachu, I choose you!

Welcome to another episode of Anime Thursdays! This time I show you how to draw ASH KETCHUM, Pokemon trainer extraordinaire. Grab your pencils and join me along for this quest!

Speaking of quests — I have a brand new project in the works!

I’m calling it the Pokemon Drawing Project. And it’s exactly how it sounds: I’ll be drawing all the Pokemon in order, from 001 (Bulbasaur) to who knows how far I’ll go! More details in a separate video coming soon!

Anyway, enjoy the tutorial! I apologize for the shakiness of the camera. It’s actually the lens mechanism that’s doing the jerking and not the actual movement of the camera itself. It’s a problem that I now have to figure out how to solve…

Happy drawing,

Coloring page. Right click to download!


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