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Do you love to draw, but need a little bit of help?

On this channel I show how to draw your favorite characters from movies, TV shows, cartoons, comic books, or video games!

I have brand new tutorials usually every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Previews for these tutorials are released a day before.

Join me on my quest to draw all the Pokemon in my Pokemon Drawing Project! I started at #001 (Bulbasaur) and am currently working my way up from there!

Are you into sports? I’m also working on completing my series of sports logos in the NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB. As well as European soccer.

Other than tutorials, I also have vlogs, reviews, reactions, art challenges, speed drawing, nerdcrafting, and all sorts of geeky stuff.

I’m a big nerdy schoolteacher who loves to doodle and watch YouTube. So I combined all of these things into this one awesome channel. Hope to see you here. Be sure to subscribe so you can learn to Draw it Too!

Happy drawing,

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I’m a schoolteacher who has always loved to draw. One day, one of my students said, “Can you teach me how to draw Baymax from Big Hero Six?” Thus, the channel was born! I’m a big nerd who loves comic books, action figures, and movies. I live in the USA, but I’m actually Filipino-Canadian.

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